Turtle Thursday – Yellow-bellied Slider and Child? – Photography


Look in the water just in front of the log (click on the image to enlarge).

My best guess for both is yellow-bellied slider. ¬†Although, they’re a bit out of their range here.

Yellow-bellied Slider Turtle

Yellow-bellied Slider Turtle


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4 Responses to “Turtle Thursday – Yellow-bellied Slider and Child? – Photography”

  1. badfish Says:

    Turtle Thursday? Is this going to be like a regular thing, where you offer up different turtles every Thursday? You know there’s no alliteration going down with those two “T” words. Maybe you should do it on Tuesday??? No wait. I think I’m going to do that, but I’ll call it Terrapin Tuesday

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  2. mukul chand Says:

    great picture. do read my blogs to see India through my eyes: http://www.travelwithmukul.wordpress.com and http://www.enchantedforests.wordpress.com.

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