Pine Cone – Photography

Pine Cone

Pine Cone

Another encounter with the GIMP editor and two more four letter words.

The last encounter with GIMP was painful.  This one was just as painful in its own way.

I either pick up or chop up with the lawn mower these pine cones continuously.  So I thought I’d put one to good use as a photographic subject.  Without planning ahead I took the photo and then decided it would look good in monochrome with a solid neutral background.  It would’ve been far easier to find that solid background, like a piece of construction paper, and take the photo on that.  Instead I used GIMP to separate the pine cone from the original background and changed the background accordingly.  Lesson learned, plan ahead.

And the two four letter words?  Pine and Cone.

Pine Cone

Pine Cone


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2 Responses to “Pine Cone – Photography”

  1. David Says:

    Looks like you got a nice clean separation.

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    • steveo Says:

      Thanks. GIMP actually did a pretty good job separating the pine cone from the original relatively uniform background. The little bit of clean up took some time. Next time, maybe I’ll make it a little easier on myself? Not much of a chance of that happening! 🙂

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