Bellavitano Gold Cheese – Sartori – Food Review – ALDI

Sartori Bellavitano Gold Cheese

Gold Cheese

This is one of those odd, seemingly out-of-place, things that pops up at the local ALDI for some unknown reason.

It’s a $12 per pound cheese at a discount grocery store?  I don’t get it.  But that’s also true of other things found at ALDI.  Sometimes things just don’t seem to belong in the store.  Whatever the marketing strategy is, it must be working because I keep going back, sometimes purchasing the odd things and finding most of the time, I’m pleasantly surprised.

Getting over the irony of the situation, this is a nice cheese.  It’s somewhere close to being a hard cheese, but not fully there.  The nutty flavor and gritty feel found in many hard cheeses is mostly lacking.  This is a milder tasting cheese, with a flavor I really don’t know how to describe.  It has a different taste with just a touch of sweetness to it.  The package says it’s “… rich creamy cheese with its nutty, fruity flavor …”.  Aside from the nutty part, that’s a pretty good description.

Here’s the Sartori web site for the cheese listing out the awards it’s won.  Even though it seems like an expensive cheese at ALDI, the prices found on line are even higher.   It’s a relative bargain.  It doesn’t take much cheese to give you a satisfied feeling.  The five ounce package will last longer than you might think.

I suspect this is one of those “while supplies last” items.  It may be gone by the time you read this and get to your ALDI.  But if you find some and have an extra $4, you might give it a try.

Price $3.99 (5.3 oz wedge)    Calories 120/oz

Sartori Bellavitano Gold Cheese

Gold Cheese

Sartori Bellavitano Gold Cheese Back

Gold Cheese


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4 Responses to “Bellavitano Gold Cheese – Sartori – Food Review – ALDI”

  1. Duncan Sinclair Anderson Says:

    how does one milk a wolf? I have tried many types of cheese but never heard of that one before, some remote eskimo villages you might find wale or even dolphin cheese, which is not that bad, depending on the age, and your pallet, but I specifically like Wisconsin cheese for my pallet, the happy farms cheese at aldi is rather bland and apparently real cheese but is is bland, I like to use it because it is cheaper than all other WI cheese blends, but as you mentioned it is still a good shredded cheese that goes well on most anything, my favorite is to sprinkle it on my eggs and salsa or just a few dashes of texas pete hot sauce makes it perfect mexican eggs, all though not many mexicans will eat it like that but it is good!

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  2. toddfisk Says:

    Do you have any experience with more uncommon/exotic cheeses? My cousin makes wolf and caribou cheese in canada, but i have yet to try either. Seems like it could be good though.


    • steveo Says:

      Nope. Only cow, goat and sheep cheese. But that last one might have been wolf in sheep’s clothing?


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