Gonfalone Chianti DOCG – 2010 – Wine Review – ALDI


ALDI-GonfaloneChianti2010_DOCGA year later, does the new wine hold up?

First the bad news, shortly after I bought this it disappeared from the store shelf. I haven’t seen it since.

Perhaps not as good as its 2009 sibling, nonetheless, this is still a very good wine. It’s not as smooth as I remember the older vintage to be. There’s a little bit of bite on the tongue.  Perhaps that’s a small bit of acidity poking through.  The good side is, this adds character to the wine, but not to the point of the wine being a character.  And maybe that’s just part of how this producer likes to make wine?  The review of the 2009 year notes a “tingling around the mouth”.  This wine should stand up well to a nice robust tomato sauce or a good strip steak.

As mentioned above, this wine wasn’t stocked for very long.  If perhaps that’s just a problem at my local ALDI, and you find it wherever you shop, you won’t be disappointed if you pick up a bottle or two.  And once again, the DOCG designation on the bottle paid off in another good wine selection.

Rated a tie for second on the Top 10 List.

Price $4.99



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