ALDI – Parkview Beef Franks – Food Review


ALDIparkviewBeefFranksThese are a small step up from ALDI’s regular franks.

Somewhat tongue in cheek, or more likely tongue in frank, ALDI’s regular franks were recently reviewed.  A regular frank is defined here to consist of an unknown mixture of several different kinds of meats and possibly other ingredients in less than exact or predictable proportions.  Or, more simply, the left overs are thrown into the sausage machine.  A beef frank, however, should be made from beef.   As such beef franks usually taste better … and cost more.  Such is true for ALDI beef franks, although the taste really isn’t all that much better.

The ALDI beef franks taste better than their cousins, but not as good as some national brand beef franks.  To makeup for that slight disappointment, the price is considerably less than the better tasting  national brands.  In other words, you do get what you paid for with ALDI beef franks.

Calories 190 serving (170 g)    Price  – $2.49 cents (8 dogs)



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7 Responses to “ALDI – Parkview Beef Franks – Food Review”

  1. Matt Says:

    The park view dogs were great when they were made by Vienna beef. You could hardly tell the difference, and they were half the price. I was very disappointed last time I bought them; they are now more like ball park’s. Not good! I won’t be buying hotdogs from Aldis again.

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  2. Michael Stultz Says:

    I want to know why you stop having the Parkview Spicey Hot Hotdogs, and only get them in once in a will? It is the best tasting hot hotdog, and Aldi’s is out of it most of the time. If it sells that good why do you not have it in store all the time? It don’t make sense to me why something that sells that good isn’t in the store all the time.


  3. Brandon Says:

    Aldi’s hot dogs are CRAP. Sure, they taste OK, but it seems next to IMPOSSIBLE to microwave a bunch of em and get EVEN HEAT DISTRIBUTION! Before you know it, one or two of the franks will BURST OPEN while a few others ARE STILL KIND OF COLD! lol
    And they give me major indigestion within an hour or 2, unlike other hot dogs I’ve had. WTF is in these things?? No wonder it’s only a buck


  4. Ken Nicol Says:

    I want to know why you changed the Parkview Smoked Brats ??
    The casing used to split open when fried or grilled. the ingredients and the casing has been changed. I just purchased 12 packages of smoked brats, if you don`t make them the way you did, that’s the last
    for me ! Ken Nicol


  5. James Hanrahan Says:

    I have been looking for a, Beef Frank that tastes as good as the old, Oscar Mayers Beef Franks, these are the closest in taste that I have found! I can now, once again add, franks to the weekly menu! HOORAY!


  6. Ja Wayne Says:

    Dude you should remove my hot dog


  7. Lauralee Fuller Says:

    I am just trying to find out if all of the Parkview meats do not have (MSG/MONOSODIUM GULTAMATE).


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