Gaetano D’Aquino – Pinot Grigio – Delle Venezie – 2011 – Trader Joe’s – Wine Review


Gaetano is a good wine picker for whites as well as reds.

Both the good news and the bad news is, I finished off this bottle in two days.  The good news reflects the fact that this wine is as good as the news.  The bad news is, it only took two days.  Well, I suppose my liver will recover since I don’t do this very often.

I pretty much stopped drinking white wines a few years ago.  From faint memory it may have been the acidity of the white wines that caused the hiatus.  It’s one thing to wake up with a slight headache.  But compounding that with bit of heartburn, pushed me over the limit.  There may actually be some scientific reasons for this.  The first, white wines tend to be more acidic than reds.  The second, white wines tend to induce gastroesophageal reflux (GER).

With this Pinot Grigio, not only did I wake up the next morning headache free, but also no heartburn.  Plus, Plus!

In contrast to the back label pictured below,  I did not find this wine especially dry or having a bitter aftertaste.  For me the taste was slightly and pleasantly fruity.  There was no bitterness at all.  This is an easy wine to drink (as I proved in two short evenings), enjoyable and not demanding. It has an IGT classification, putting it in the middle of the Italian wine classifications.

Having survived this white wine, I supposed I’m now obligated to buy a few additional varieties  and start a new Top 10 list for whites as for the reds?  Life is demanding.

Price $3.99 at Trader Joe’s


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One Response to “Gaetano D’Aquino – Pinot Grigio – Delle Venezie – 2011 – Trader Joe’s – Wine Review”

  1. garbuck (@garbuck) Says:

    TIL Trader Joe’s sells booze.

    Somewhere, anyway. Not here in Taxachusetts, land of Obamneycare!

    Sounds like a good bottle, however. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it in the discount package stores here.


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