TJ Indian Fare – Index – Food Review


Trader Joe’s Indian Fare are quick and easy dishes suitable for a lunch, especially at the office.  The main problem with most of these is, they are more like a sauce than a meal.  TJ recommends they be eaten with rice, naan (Indian bread), pita bread or tortillas.  That makes them a better meal, but also makes it more difficult to use as a quick office lunch.  The main advantage to most of these is, they can be stored in a pocket-book size box at room temperature until opened, heated and eaten.  Preparation involves no more than tearing open a heavy-duty plastic and foil pouch, emptying the contents into a bowl and microwaving for a minute or two.  All of these taste good.  Most have a medium heat.  All will allow a little more variation into what we eat as everyday food without adding a lot of complication or expense.  All are priced at either $1.99 or $2.19.

Listed below are the links to the full review for each product and pictures.  The list is ranked best at the top and less best as the list goes down.  If you need a place to start, start at the top and work your way down.

Jaipur Vegetables – This is probably the best tasting of the bunch.  A spicy tomato cream sauce brings a taste of India into your life.

Punjab Choley – Especially if you like the heat, and I mean HEAT, this is a close tie for first.  Plenty of flavor and chick peas to make this a meal.

Madras Lentil – A mild bean soup in a creamy tomato base.  A fair amount of beans makes this seem more like a meal than a sauce.

Palak Paneer – Pieces of paneer (cheese) in this dish also makes it more of a meal.

Pav Bhaji – This is the hottest of the TJ line.  Mostly sauce that could use a companion.

Punjab Eggplant – A fair amount of heat.  Mostly sauce that could use a companion.

Dal Makhani –  The ingredients are similar to the Madras Lentil above.  However the beans seem to be chopped into very small pieces,  making this more of a sauce needing a companion.


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