Super Snack Bowl – XLV


One week and counting down.  What will you do with those twenty people coming over?  Keep them fed.

Here’s a collection of quick or purchased (what can be quicker?) things that will keep those stomachs from growling during the half-time show.

Queso Dip Kicked – Adjust the heat up and keep even your most vociferous guest wheezing in the rocker.

Salsa – Follow the link to make your own restaurant quality or buy your favorite.



 Finger Foods –  Give the guests some heat relief.
Spanakopita – roll your own or try some from Trader Joe’s

Tiropites –  Made your own spanakopita?  Use the other half of the filo for these cheese treats.  Use the roll option.

Cheese and Crackers (and more).






 More Substantial Fare
Chili Verde –  Heat up the second half with some tortillas, pulled pork and green salsa.  Keep wheezer in the rocker.

Italian Pasta Salad – Easy to make and another nationality.  And a break from the heat.


Mostaccioli –  Almost forgot this one. 

Add in a Rich & Charlie salad, and your guests won’t leave until LXXV.

 Go For Broke
Wonton Empanadas – Use some wonton skins and save yours.

Calzones –  A little more work.




When It’s All Over
Wonton Cannoli –  Break out the coffee and the sweets.  The people helping clean up deserve it.

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