Trader Joe’s Pad Thai (w/ tofu) – Food Review


Soggy noodles?  But they still taste good.

I can’t recommend this one as much as I can recommend TJ’s Paneer Tikka Masala, but TJ’s Pad Thai is still good and different from the ordinary everyday variety of frozen meals available.  The noodles are rice noodles.  Perhaps that’s why they’re a bit soggy?  Being a flour noodle person, as in pasta, I have no experience with how soggy rice noodles should be.

Thai food served in a good restaurant is very tasty.  While TJ’s Pad Thai is tasty, it is not up to the quality of good Thai restaurant food.  TJ’s creation is mildly spicy with some different flavors than you might normally eat.  Trader Joe’s also lists this food as vegan.  A benefit to our vegan friends, but an aside to us other omnivores.

TJ’s Pad Thai is a little over $2, if I remember correctly.  I’ve purchased this several times and keep putting it in my basket when I visit the store.  Soggy noodles or not, it must have something going for it since I keep buying it.

Calories per serving, 600.  Serving size, 1 container.


Photo hint:  Take the picture before puncturing the cover to vent for the microwave.


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