Happy Birthday Jesus – It’s been a while


Happy Birthday Jesus.  Still going strong after two thousand and nine years.  Here’s to another couple millennia at least.  I hope the Social Security cost of living increases, or lack thereof, don’t hurt you too badly in the coming year.  It seems the cost of  everything is still high from the past few years except the cost of living.  One of those paradoxes of government I suppose.  But you’ve had some experience in that area, so I’m preaching to the preacher.

Happy Birthday Jesus.  Did we ever thank you for throwing the money changers out of the temple?  If you’re ever in the neighborhood, stop by, we could still use some strong-arm help in this area.  It seems the money changers have found  new homes on cable TV and Wall Street.  At least a few of the Wall Street ones are doing some time in the pokey now, but there’s still plenty of them getting fat while 10% of us are on a crash diet of unemployment.  As for the cable TV ones doing a rip off of your act, I’m sure Dad and the Fallen Angel have a plan for them.

Happy Birthday Jesus.  Do you still do that loaves and fishes thing?  What with everything costing so much and the money changers dipping into everyone’s retirement savings, a few of us could use a decent meal.  But be quick while a few fish still exist and all the grain isn’t fermented into alcohol to burn in cars.

Happy Birthday Jesus.  Are you up to date with your healing abilities?  I know you’re saying at this point, but with the new health insurance plan about to be passed, there’s no need for miracles anymore.  I hope you’re right.  But with the same people who couldn’t find an answer before, that would be the insurers, about to bring us the solution, I’m not so sure.  You know this problem may tie back to those money changers again, the cable TV ones this time.  It seems that whole group of people who like to claim they bowl with you at the weekly league play, like health insurers more than they like the government.   What ever happened to, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.”?

Happy Birthday Jesus.  Enjoy the cake.  We were thinking about doing something special this year, like an anchovy pizza.  But you know with the fish population declining and the inflation, we couldn’t find any anchovies we could afford.  Flour was short and expensive this year too due to the food to fuel stuff and more.  But we did find a couple of old cake mixes in the pantry, so here we are.  The candles are pretty, but don’t light them.  They’re imported from China and might have something strange in them.

Happy Birthday Jesus.   Come by and visit soon.  We’ve missed you.


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