Barissimo Organic Peru Whole Bean Coffee – Food Review – ALDI


aldi, whole bean coffee, medium roast, organic, fair trade, review, price3/27/2018
The beans are medium brown in color with the oil just starting to sweat from the beans.  There’s a nice aroma coming from the ground beans. This is a solid medium roast coffee.

There were plenty of CO2 bubbles when brewed, indicating a recent roast.  The aroma in the cup is mild.  As a medium roast, there’s a milder coffee flavor to go along with the mild aroma.  For the first few days I noticed a slight secondary flavor in the coffee beyond a coffee flavor.  After a few days, either I became accustomed to the secondary flavor or it dissipated from the beans.  In either case, it didn’t break the coffee.  In fact after a few weeks drinking this, I sort of missed it when I switched back to my everyday coffee.  The milder medium roast coffee flavor was a good break from my normal darker roast.

The coffee is labeled Fair Trade Certified and USDA Organic.  At a savings of a couple of dollars, or more, over similar quality coffee, this is a bargain for a good cup of coffee.  Price $4.79

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4 Responses to “Barissimo Organic Peru Whole Bean Coffee – Food Review – ALDI”

  1. Karen Sueetta Joyce Says:

    Best coffee ever for me. Aldi’s in Lawrence, KS has not carried it lately so how can I buy some? Like to buy 4 bags.

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  2. steveo Says:

    Yep. ALDI is upping their coffee game.

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  3. Shape Shifters Fitness Trainer Says:

    This is my go to thrift bag of coffee (sometimes the HOnduras brand too) when the Costco one is running out). Not as dark as usually accustomed to, but it’s a nice switch at a great price!

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