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ALDI, Bretton's, Fig Bars, Nutrition, Review, Calories, Price

June 20, 2017
As if struck by lightning, every so often I’m amazed at how many calories some foods have.  A package of these fig bars has a total of about 1,400 calories in it, and costs only 99 cents.  That’s pretty much a day’s worth of calories for someone who is inactive.  Of course these calories are just about all carbohydrates which is good for providing energy, but not much else.  Living off something like these alone would leave someone with a serious lack of protein. That’s the end of my lightening moment for today.

However, with moderation and self-control, these are a nicely sweet treat if you like figs.

ALDI, Bretton's, Fig Bars, Nutrition, Review, Calories, PriceIt’s been a long time since I’ve had a Fig Newton (Nabisco’s brand of fig bars) so the comparison today is limited by memory.  These are very close to what I remember.  And these appear to cost considerably less per a quick internet search which lists the price of a 10 oz package of the Newton at around $3.

These fig bars are soft, figgy and sweet.  The cookie part seems a little softer than I remember, but still firm enough.  Little crunchy fig seeds go “pop” between the teeth.  And unfortunately, it’s very easy to eat more than one should.  That’s not good if you’re on a diet.  So for me, it may be a long time before I buy another package.

Calories  100 per 2 cookies (28g)
Price  99 cents (14 ounce package)

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