ALDI – Priano Four Cheese Alfredo Sauce – Food Review


ALDI, priano, four cheese alfredo sauce, nutrition, price, calories, reviewMay 8, 2017

The second ingredient is cream.  That’s a good sign as that’s what an Alfredo sauce is all about.  From the jar the sauce is a little watery, as water is the first ingredient.  However it thickens some when added to warm pasta.  Even better is heating the sauce either before the pasta is added or after the pasta is added.  To save a pot, and some cleaning, I added sauce straight from the jar to the cooked warm pasta and then nuked the plate in the microwave for about a minute.  That thickened up the sauce and made it stick to the pasta nicely.  There’s a suggestion on the jar which hints at the need for heating the sauce to thicken.

For a 4 cheese sauce this is not very cheesy.  A bit of grated Parmesan cheese mixed in the pasta and sauce corrected that.  The added cheese also helped thicken the sauce.  If you’re looking for a garlic flavor in your Alfredo, this is not your sauce.  It’s a very plain and slightly sweet sauce.  There’s also a roasted garlic version of the sauce which I haven’t tried.  Of course, also untried, a sprinkle of garlic powder is likely to liven things up a bit.

ALDI, priano, four cheese alfredo sauce, nutrition, price, calories, reviewWhen used as a pizza sauce, the sauce was on the thin side.  I believe that caused the center of the pizza to cook more slowly, requiring another minute or two in the oven to get the same crispness in the crust as a thicker sauce.  Again, there’s not much pop in the sauce, especially when overpowered by the other ingredients of the pizza, mozzarella, Parmesan, breaded pre-cooked chicken breast and onion in this example.   The pizza was still good nonetheless, and a change of pace from the usual red-sauced pizza.

Calories  60 per 1/4 cup serving (61g)     Price  $1.58 per jar

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One Response to “ALDI – Priano Four Cheese Alfredo Sauce – Food Review”

  1. Amarelis Owney Says:

    I found a HUGE bug in the Alfredo sauce.
    This is ridiculous.
    I’m suing.


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