ALDI – Clancy’s Cinnamon Churros – Food Review


ALDI, Clancy's, Cinnamon Churros, Nutrition, Price, Calories, ReviewALDI, Clancy's, Cinnamon Churros, Nutrition, Price, Calories, ReviewApril 30, 2017

If you like cinnamon and sugar you’ll like these. Think of this as very light French toast in a bag. The wheat based churros are crisp, airy and light, fried into a spiral shape about 2 inches long and 3/4 inches around.  Crunchy, sweet and not overly spiced with cinnamon, it’s hard to put these down.  And that’s the only problem, it’s so easy to eat the whole bag (3 servings per bag) at once.  That would put you back 360 calories for the day and still wanting more.

Calories  120 per 1 ounce serving    Price 89 cents per 3 ounce bag

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6 Responses to “ALDI – Clancy’s Cinnamon Churros – Food Review”

  1. Pat Fincham Says:

    I have been to 5 different Aldis and only one had Cinnamon Churros I have not been able to grt them since How can i order


  2. Ray Says:

    I love this snack as well and I would buy a case as well if I could get it

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  3. Nateisha S Jackson Says:

    I love this snack! Really wish they would sell them more often. I shop at ALDI in miami Florida all the time.

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  4. Diane Dougherty Says:

    We would like to know how to buy more Clancys cinnamon churros? I shop at Aldis in Owasso, OK. and have only seen them once and would like to by a case or two, please!

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