ALDI – Appleton Farms Bite Size Dry Salami – Food Review


ALDI, Appleton Farm, bite size dry salami, price, review, nutritionApril 9, 2017

Literally, this melts in the mouth.  And for my money that’s the best way to eat it – if you can control yourself.

This is a nicely seasoned salami with casing removed and cut into chunky bite-sized pieces perfect for popping into the mouth straight from the package.  Once in the mouth, the fat in the salami will literally melt over a few minutes releasing a very nice salami flavor and freeing up the bits of meat interspersed with the fat.  There’s barely a chew needed before the meat can be swallowed.

Here’s a quick word on the industrial strength packaging.  This is the first packaging that I’ve seen that’s labeled as “trash only”.  Second, don’t stick your nose in the plastic bag.  It’s not the most pleasant aroma.  Fortunately the bag does not seem to affect the flavor of this very good salami.     Calories  100 per ounce    Price  $3.49 per 8 ounce package

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6 Responses to “ALDI – Appleton Farms Bite Size Dry Salami – Food Review”

  1. stacie Byras Says:

    HI Steveo I love the salami! Original bite size salami is delicious.!! FIVE STAR My one concern it says it contains natural flavorings. Does this include garlic and onion? I am allergic to both and and hoping you say no. Same goes for the spicy bite size salami ( natural flavors-does it contain onion and garlic?) thank you for your time respectfully Stacie Byras

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  2. delia Says:

    i was wondering if mine has gone smells, so i am scared to eat it.. then thought to put in oven to to help…. cook it out i am not comfortable eating it though. exp date is good still for a fee months. so was wondering if that is normal

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  3. Jenifer Says:

    I LOVE this salami! My diet consists of highfat, low carb foods, and a lot of that is meat… I snack on this all the time and can easily get 1 pack in a day! I’ve been known to buy 10+ packs and freeze them until I’m ready to thaw and eat! SO YUMMY!! I wish every store had these!

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