ALDI – Appleton Farms Bite Size Dry Salami – Food Review


ALDI, Appleton Farm, bite size dry salami, price, review, nutritionApril 9, 2017

Literally, this melts in the mouth.  And for my money that’s the best way to eat it – if you can control yourself.

This is a nicely seasoned salami with casing removed and cut into chunky bite-sized pieces perfect for popping into the mouth straight from the package.  Once in the mouth, the fat in the salami will literally melt over a few minutes releasing a very nice salami flavor and freeing up the bits of meat interspersed with the fat.  There’s barely a chew needed before the meat can be swallowed.

Here’s a quick word on the industrial strength packaging.  This is the first packaging that I’ve seen that’s labeled as “trash only”.  Second, don’t stick your nose in the plastic bag.  It’s not the most pleasant aroma.  Fortunately the bag does not seem to affect the flavor of this very good salami.     Calories  100 per ounce    Price  $3.49 per 8 ounce package

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19 Responses to “ALDI – Appleton Farms Bite Size Dry Salami – Food Review”

  1. Kelly Trumpold Says:

    Smells funny. Rubbery and not great of. I do charcuterie boards all the time. This is a terrible produce! Chewy and gross!

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    • steveo Says:

      Thanks for adding your experiences. Agreed that the packaging has a weird odor and the bits are chewy when compared to thinner sliced salami.


  2. Annette Bucci Says:

    Is Appleton Farms Italian Dry Salami gluten free?

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  3. stevo Says:

    I tried the spicy version of the appleton bite sized a few days ago. It didnt smell or taste odd or weird to me, it looked good, was spicy which was good and the taste was pleasant or not unexpected; but the quality of meat used, and the pieces of meat used are not listed in these or other types of similar products, so how do I know what I’m havin an issue with. Basically u buy and try and its good or its not. In this case, a percent perhaps 10-20% is not chewable. As in chewing gum, moves around in your mouth under your teeth and then you spit it out into a napkin and move on to the next one with same issue, and after a bowl of salami u end up with a small ball of unedible meat. I don’t know if its filler of some kind, or lesser quality portion of pig or if its some portion of a pig where fat and meat are bound together and do not wish to give each other up, but wish I knew more. Cause ive rarely had this issue, but now this is second time and its annoying. One time with a non appleton non aldis pepperoni same exact issue, and this time with this specific appleton bite sized spicy salami. I also tried the aldis house luncheable type tray with salami very likely from appleton with cheese and breadsticks and that salami doesnt have this issue, i’ve eaten probably 3 of those by now. not a single salami from those luncheable style trays have unedible meat of any amount leftover I ate every bit. OH well. confuses me and interferes with my potential future desires to buy something I might have to take back. Just would be nice if I could email appleton and ask questions, but its an alids house brand and ur only option is going through aldis website, emailing aldis just results in them telling you to use the twice as nice return policy. guess its kind of coin flip or roll of the dice buying salami or pepperoni. I’m tired of finding unchewable meat in these two types of products mostly its uncommon for me, though its certainly not uncommon for companies to try keep costs low so kinda hope it doesn’t become more common. would be nice if I could get more of an idea what i’m having an issue with.

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    • stevo aka esteban Says:

      Haha didn’t notice the author has similar handle to me. Maybe I shoulda went with Esteban instead of Stevo, but just thought I should state i’m not him and he isn’t me.

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      • steveo Says:

        Actually, there are quite a few steveos Of various spelling’s out there. I think it started with Steve Allen way back in time. By the way, Esteban used to sell acoustic guitars on TV.


    • steveo Says:

      There’s usually a USDA number on meat products which gives you an idea of who’s really making it. I doubt whether the manufacturer would give you any additional information.


  4. Wanda Metz Says:

    Hi, I’ve been purchasing this product since Aldi’s in Pittsburgh, PA supplied them, however there has been a recent change in this product within the last month. My husband generally picks up 3-4 paks at a time, however last week the 2-paks that he brought home were different, they had been sliced thinner and lacked taste. Unless they are willing to return to the previous thickness & taste, i will not purchase again. I rather have less in package with the original taste, than more with very little taste

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  5. Kate Musgrove Says:

    I had this for the first time !, we loved it both the spicy and dry salami are excellent, was thrilled to see it made in one of the oldest farms in America, I’ve read all the comments, about it being spoiled, it is not folks! Dry sausage, dose have a different smell, because of the smoking process, all Italian dry products, have the same smell, we smoke all the time, it is completely safe, the taste is wonderful, the price is remarkable, I found this to be very tasty, not a lot of fillers, and will buy over and over, we process our own, , enjoy it, thank you aldis!!!, kate

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  6. Fhaddad Says:

    Bought this and immediately opened the package when I got home. Smells like rotten meat. Had to throw it out immediately. Wasn’t about to take a chance on feeding it to my family. ??!! The smell was definitely a turn off for me. First time shopper at Aldis.

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    • Zuko7 Says:

      I agree. It smells bad. I’m throwing mine out also. The package says that it’s good for 4 months after I bought it. That’s scary.

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  7. stacie Byras Says:

    HI Steveo I love the salami! Original bite size salami is delicious.!! FIVE STAR My one concern it says it contains natural flavorings. Does this include garlic and onion? I am allergic to both and and hoping you say no. Same goes for the spicy bite size salami ( natural flavors-does it contain onion and garlic?) thank you for your time respectfully Stacie Byras

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  8. delia Says:

    i was wondering if mine has gone smells, so i am scared to eat it.. then thought to put in oven to to help…. cook it out i am not comfortable eating it though. exp date is good still for a fee months. so was wondering if that is normal

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  9. Jenifer Says:

    I LOVE this salami! My diet consists of highfat, low carb foods, and a lot of that is meat… I snack on this all the time and can easily get 1 pack in a day! I’ve been known to buy 10+ packs and freeze them until I’m ready to thaw and eat! SO YUMMY!! I wish every store had these!

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