Trader Joe’s – Farmhouse English Cheddar with Italian Truffles – Food Review


trader joe, review, price, calories, English cheddar, Italian truffles, nutrition, cheeseMarch 16, 2017

This is another one where it would be way too easy to eat the whole package in one sitting.  A very little bit of a smokey peppery earthy taste mixed in with creamy, but not soft, English cheddar is the best description I could come up with.  That description doesn’t do it taste justice.  It may not be to everyone’s liking, but this is very good.

Of particular note are a couple of the lesser ingredients, anchovy and bamboo fiber.  What’s This For?  Well I sure don’t know, but whatever the reason the whole seems to work just fine.

At $9.99 per pound, this is in line with similar cheeses at Trader Joe’s.  The calories, at 110 per ounce (28g), are also similar to other cheeses.


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15 Responses to “Trader Joe’s – Farmhouse English Cheddar with Italian Truffles – Food Review”

  1. Bill Harwood Says:

    I’m at a Trader Joe’s right now
    It was my favorite cheese
    They told me that they discontinued it
    So I guess that they made a big mistake
    I will not drive a hour to go there anymore

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  2. dijonstreak Says:

    which store(s) carry Farm House English Cheddar Cheese with Italian Truffles

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  3. charles mario ruiz Says:

    which store(s) in San Francisco carry it

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  4. Plámena Says:

    Hi, is the milk used for this cheese pasteurized? It doesn’t say on the package.

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  5. becomebetty Says:

    Was the truffle flavor strong with this? That’s one ingredient that can overpower just about anything

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  6. janjoy52 Says:

    OMG! Sounds awesome!

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  7. David Says:

    Please note the “Like” is for your review, not the cheese. I don’t think I would knowingly eat cheese that claimed chicory fiber and bamboo fiber in its ingredients. 🙂

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    • steveo Says:

      Thanks for the like. Unfortunately I read the label after I ate the cheese. Next time I’ll know better. Maybe?


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