ALDI – Millville Simple Nut Bar – Almond, Cashew & Sea Salt – Food Review


ALDI, Millville, Simple Nut Bar, price, calories, review, snackMarch 11, 2017

That’s exactly what this is, a simple nut bar. It’s almost nuttin’ but nuts held together with just enough gooey stuff to make a bar.  There’s a little bit of sea salt added in, but not enough to be very salty.  There’s no chocolate coating or drizzle.  Some dark chocolate would’ve been nice in my opinion.  But it’s still good without.

The nuts are large and identifiable by species, just in case you’re into matching up the ingredients to the label.  Oooh, there’s a cashew!

As far as snack foods go, this may be one of the healthier/better alternatives.  There are relatively few carbs, 11g (3g of that is fiber – not bad). ALDI, Millville, Simple Nut Bar, nutrition, price, calories, review, snack There’s some protein, 5g.  The majority of the calories in the bar come from fat, 12g.  Of course that fat comes from plant oils in the nuts (and some from the vegetable oil used for toasting(?) the cashews – that’s an interpretation of what the ingredient label says).  If we believe what we read elsewhere, plant oils are typically a better fat than animal fat.  Since the bar is slightly smaller, 4.7 oz. (132g), versus some other similar bars, there are a few less total calories.

If you’re nutty for nuts, this one is worth a try.  At a $1.99 per box of 4 bars, it’s also something of a bargain.  I hope this is not one of the weekly specials and it finds a permanent place on the shelves.   Calories  170 per bar    Price $1.99 per box (4 bars in a box)



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14 Responses to “ALDI – Millville Simple Nut Bar – Almond, Cashew & Sea Salt – Food Review”

  1. Reyna Britton Says:

    Will you be stocking and selling these again, especially the Almond, cashew and sea salt type. We eat gluten free and these were the best tasting and healthy bars we loved to eat.
    I travel throughout the country and visited several Aldi stores. None had these bars available.
    We do sincerely hope that you begin selling them again!

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  2. Joanne Says:

    I am on the Jersey Shore (Ocean County, NJ), they fast became my favorite and just as fast are no longer on the shelves. I loved the simplicity and when in a pinch I could really be satisfied with them.
    Where did they go? Surely others were loving them too?!
    PLEASE bring them back to the Jersey Shore!

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  3. Brit Broussard Says:

    i been looking for the Millville Roasted NUT BAR in Denton Texas
    why did you stop? i do not care for the other mixed bar

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  4. karen clark Says:

    please, please. please bring the millville simple nut bar almond, cashew & sea salt back to tulsa, oklahoma at the aldi’s #23 store and more than just a couple of boxes bz they go so fast. Karen


  5. christie Says:

    I hope these bars become permanent at Aldi, they are the best, went to look for more and sadly they were already all gone, bring back more to the Bedford IN store.

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  6. A Says:

    Gone as of today’s shopping trip.

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  7. Becky Says:

    Love these, can’t find them now. Will they be coming back anytime?

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  8. K Hemsath Says:

    Yes they are so good. How can we get more ?

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  9. Sally adams Says:

    Love them!!! Please bring this nut bar permanently to Aldi!

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  10. Eleanor Rosenthal Says:

    Would like to buy more, but sadly, they are not available.

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