ALDI – Casa Mamita – Salsa Con Queso – Medium – Food Review

ALDI, salsa, con queso, medium, casa mamita

September 18, 2016

Uniquely dippable, even straight out of the refrigerator, that’s what this product is.  Some might call it thin, but that depends on your needs and likes.  The consistency is almost as fluid when cold as at room temperature.  If you like your nachos hot, it also heats up well in the microwave on tortilla chips.  Little pieces of jalapeno in the yellow/orange cheese add the heat which is about right for the claimed medium rating on the label.  Unless you get a little piece of jalapeno, it’s not very spicy at all.

However, if you’d like to use this for cooking, read more. Chips and dip was not the reason I bought this.  I wanted to use it in my breakfast wrap recipe in place of ALDI’s Clancy’s Cheese Dip.  I also replaced the bacon in the wrap recipe with Trader Joe’s Soy Chorizo.  I was expecting a nice additive flavor pop for breakfast.  Surprisingly, the two seemed to cancel each other out leaving a somewhat mild breakfast wrap.  The wrap was more edgy than the bacon/cheese version, but not up to the expectation.

The real disappointment was the mess the con queso salsa created.  While the cheese dip is thick and sort of sticky, the con queso salsa is thin and almost runny making it much too easy to get on the counter and find its way off the tortilla.  It also was not good at “cementing” the egg and chorizo in place allowing some of egg and chorizo to escape the wrap.  Eventually it worked out okay but with a little more cleanup than I like.

 Calories  45 per 2 Tbsp serving (34g) – Price  $1.69 on sale ($1.99 regular price)

ALDI, salsa, con queso, medium, Casa Mamita, nutrition

 ALDI, salsa, con queso, medium, casa mamita


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15 Responses to “ALDI – Casa Mamita – Salsa Con Queso – Medium – Food Review”

  1. Steven Hiss Says:

    Why don’t you include the ingredients and manufacturer on Clancy’s cheese dip. Thought the USDA required that of all manufactured food. Can’t trust a mystery.

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  2. Deborah Bolles Says:

    This is great queso sauce however once you get hooked on it the stores rarely carry it. Super disappointing for this item and many others. And COVID is NOT the reason this is happening because it went on way before that. Gonna go back to shopping at Walmart

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    • maryjanecrochet Says:

      I think you don’t see it all the time because it’s so popular. The Aldi I go to in Dayton used to have it every week, but when people started finding out how good it was, I noticed some weeks they were out. But I’ve seen it the last 2 times I was there.

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  3. maryjanecrochet Says:

    We love this Salsa Con Queso! I’ve tried all the name brands and non of them are as good as this Aldi brand. It tastes more like what you get at baseball stadiums with chips. The Aldi I go to most of the time (Dorothy Lane in Dayton, Oh), has been out of this for the past month. I really hope they haven’t discontinued it! My family is craving it & we would all be so disappointed.

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  4. Juliette Says:

    It’s so nasty now, same packaging different distributor manufacturer ingredients it’s just disgusting! I’m so upset with this product cuz it used to be one of my favorites and now I can’t stand it! WASTE OF MONEY!

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  5. Carmella W Says:

    Taste synthetic now it’s disgusting used to be awesome now it’s gross! Don’t waste your money!

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  6. Kimberly Lingafelter Says:

    6/2020 …they changed distributors manufacturers, it’s gross now! It used to be my go-to dip, it was Amazing good for an under two buck dip, it is deeper colored and horrid now! Same packaging different disgusting product! Nasty now! I so miss the original product!!

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  7. maryjanecrochet Says:

    This Con Queso (cheese sauce) from Aldi is better tasting than any other I’ve ever tried! I’m real picky about this kind of thing and was always looking for that flavor you get at a baseball stadium with chips and jalapeno. I’ve tried Doritos brand, Paul Newman brand and many others, but this is the best tasting and is $1-$2 cheaper than all the others. It’s a sauce, not a dip. We love it!

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  8. Suxi Says:

    What kind of maltrodextron is in this product?
    Is it corn, wheat, potato , rice tapioca?
    Thank you

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  9. yaskhan66 Says:

    Yummy, Steveo..

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  10. David Says:

    I have a question regarding “ain’t found a good title blog”. Are you trying? 🙂

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