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aldi, white chocolate, moser roth, white cookies, white stracciatellaSilky smooth versus little crunchies, that’s the choice between these two white chocolates.   Both of these were rescues.  That’s right, in helping reduce food wastage both were rescued from the clearance rack.  These will fill you with love almost as much as that rescued pound puppy while tasting considerably better than that lick on the lips.  And I’m sure that works equally well from the puppy’s point of view.

August 20, 2016

Stracciatella is associated with 3 things in Italy; ice cream, cheese and soup, but no chocolate.  For this white chocolate we’ll assume ice cream is the inspiration because this is about as close to the feel of ice cream as anything that can be stored at room temperature.  The white chocolate is velvety smooth as it literally melts in the mouth.  It’s sweet but not so sweet that your teeth start to fall out.  There’s a little bit of vanilla flavor interspersed with fine shavings of dark chocolate in the white chocolate base.  Heavenly!

In the White Cookies version the dark chocolate shavings are replaced by tiny bits of dark chocolate cookies (think Oreos).  It’s a takeoff on cookies and cream, except in this version the cookies stay extra crisp – literally crunchy.

When, or if, ALDI ever brings these back to the shelves, think of food wastage and pound puppies.  Rescue a few for your home.

Regular Price $1.99 – Rescued price from the clearance shelf 99 cents

Calories 300 for two pieces (five pieces in the package)

aldi, white chocolate, moser roth, white cookies, white stracciatella


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