Dancing Flame Red Blend – 2014 – Wine Review – ALDI


ALDI, wine, dancing flame, chile, red blendThis is a wine with a 91 rating and  a $7 price.  And it’s at ALDI of all places.   Can it be possible?

June 26, 2016

This wine has a 91 rating from Wine & Spirits Magazine according to the little gold seal on the bottle and the ALDI website.  While many many wines reviewed on the internet have ratings in the eighties,  the majority in the lower eighties, it’s unusual to find one rated in the nineties.  And when they are rated in the nineties, the price is generally close to the rating.  Can it be true that ALDI is offering a 91 rated wine at a reasonable price?  Let’s find out.

For what it’s worth, the cork has an excellent smell when first opened.   The wine has a very deep red color.  In the mouth the wine has a mild earthy feel.   There are absolutely no negatives to the wine.  The tannins are very mild.   This is a 70% Cabernet, 15% Syrah, 15% Carménère blend.  On the way down the throat the wine is completely smooth.  It’s a very nice wine.

If you’re expecting a “Cab”, this is not one.  There’s no slap-me-in-the-face feel to it.  Some may say this lacks complexity.  But one man’s complexity is another man’s, “how can you drink this?”  It’s possible the wine may be overshadowed by some stronger foods.  But for anything under that level of fooditude,  even to some delicate foods, this should rock.  For doing a little sittn’ and sippn’, it’s hard to think of a better red (although there are other reds just as good).

Does this wine really deserve a 91 rating?  Beauty is often in the eye of the beholder.  In these eyes, this is not a 91 rated wine.  But it comes pretty close to that level, probably landing somewhere in the upper eighties.  And for a $7 wine to be as good as wines costing two or three times that, can you really ask for much more?

Well done, Dancing Flame.  Well done Chile.

Price $6.99

ALDI, wine, dancing flame, chile, red blend



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