Clancy’s Microwave Butter Popcorn – Food Review – ALDI

Clancy's Butter Popcorn ALDI

Clancy’s Microwave
Butter Popcorn

Popcorn is the reason we go to the movies.  And we go to the movies almost every weekend.  That addiction extends to the home.

January 6, 2015

This is something we’ve used for years.  I’m not sure why I haven’t thought to do a review of it sooner.  Maybe that’s because it’s just microwave popcorn.

This is neither overly salty, nor overly buttery popcorn.  Sometimes that’s a problem when there’s a craving for buttery salty popcorn.  Most of the time this satisfies the need – whatever that need for popcorn really is.  ALDI also has a second flavor of microwave popcorn (not pictured), a movie theater butter microwave popcorn.  There’s little difference between the two.  Surprisingly the movie version may be a little less buttery and salty.

Of course the only real reason to purchase this over another kind of microwave popcorn is price.  ALDI has kept the price of a box of six individual bags at between $1.59 (currently) and $1.79 for a long time.  That’s an everyday price.  While the savings may not be much over other microwave popcorn, there’s no need to wait for sales or cut coupons to get this price.

The only negative we’ve found over all these years is occasionally a bag develops a leak and the thick yellow stuff that the corn pops in, leaks out.  Also of note, the instruction on the box to, not use the popcorn setting on your microwave, doesn’t really apply to our microwave.  Our microwave popcorn setting works just fine.  In fact it normally works better than the instructions on the box.  Following the box instructions usually results in some burnt popcorn.  The results in your microwave may vary.

Current Price $1.59  per box – six individual bags per box,
about 250 calories per bag (if I did the math correctly?)
Clancy's Butter Popcorn ALDI - back

Clancy’s Microwave
Butter Popcorn
ALDI – back


Clancy's Butter Popcorn ALDI

Clancy’s Microwave
Butter Popcorn

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20 Responses to “Clancy’s Microwave Butter Popcorn – Food Review – ALDI”

  1. Roodman Says:

    My wife and shop Aldi’s all the time, I will continue to shop there BUT I WILL NEVER BUY THE CLANCY BUTTERED POPCORN EVER AGAIN, IT MADE OUR KITCHEN SMELL LIKE ASS, YES I SAID ASS, WE ENDED UP THROWING OUT THE 5 BAGS THAT WERE LEFT! Not sure what kind of processed butter they use, but they need to stop using it.

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  2. mercedes rogers Says:

    I would like to know where I can find these popcorn because aldi has been out of them over a week. My husband and I really like this brand. Thank you, Mercedes

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  3. Randy Johnson Says:

    Worst smelling popcorn ever! Smells like your drying wet socks you’ve been wearing for days in the microwave. Even the unpopped bag smells like the elephant cage in the zoo. Popcorn looked good when cooked but I tossed it out, Made this at work and I was embarrassed to admit it was mine. Aldi you have my permission to spend a little more on better oil or throw the whole lot out.

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  4. Sandy Piercey Says:

    I love this popcorn, the movie theater butter, however the last box I bought was awful. Every bag in the box was flawed and either wouldn’t open at the end to inflate or it was nit sealed at the seam and all the popcorn would shoot out all over the microwave with several several kernels unpopped. I was so very disappointed in this product

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  5. Kim Says:

    I love aldi everything except this popcorn the taste is great but the smell it has when it a popping and done is so unbearable. It smells really bad and we tried movie and butter.the taste is good although there is a moldy taste which makes it hard to get through the bag. This isn’t kool.

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  6. Dee Says:

    Their microwave popcorn tastes awesome! The smell is another story altogether. It smells like someone is cooking a dead mouse. The scent lingers for a long time, and please don’t have a sleepover and fire up about 4 bags one right after the other…😲 Can you say troll farts?

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  7. Jan Reasonover Says:

    I really do like your Movie Theater Butter Popcorn, but….when it is popping it smells just like dirty stinky socks. This is about the fourth box I have purchased and they have all smelled like this. What gives???

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  8. Bonnie Says:

    I have bought 4 boxes of popcorn from aldi. 3 of the boxes have a distinct mold taste! It’s not ever kernel but enough to ruin the popcorn! I have 5 teen and adult children and they all taste it.

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  9. betty Says:

    i lust bought a box of clances popcorn and 3 out of 3 bags burnt before the 2 minutes were over ,the bags would not oppen ,one bag actuely caught on fire before half way . oh its not the microwave.

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  10. dunelight Says:

    Ah, Aldi.. I’ll eat their goods because of the price. My SO will not, the snob.

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    • steveo Says:

      Try the imported chocolates on the SO, or some of the wines There are a few jewels in the rough.


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