Turtle Thursday – What’s In Your Shell? – Photography


What’s in your wallet shell?


And a bonus image below since the guy above was a little camera-shy, slipping under the water too quickly, making my only opportunity a rather long distance photo.

Dragonfly X-Wing Starfighter

Dragonfly X-Wing Starfighter


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9 Responses to “Turtle Thursday – What’s In Your Shell? – Photography”

  1. badfish Says:

    I love the image of the dragon fly. I took a photo of one a week or so ago, and it just didn’t come out at all, no detail, just all black. Plus, it was sitting on a rock, which didn’t make for any kind of style. Yours is on the end of a leaf, right? And hanging there in air. Very cool.

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    • steveo Says:

      Thanks Dude. They’re a challenge to photograph. That was on the end of a long, dead, pond grass leaf, blowing in the wind, shot with a 300mm zoom lens from about 7 feet away. Probably not the ideal lens but it’s what I had that day. If you have any kind of photo editing software, try lightening (correcting exposure) your image. There’s probably some detail hidden there.

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  2. Nancy Mehuys Says:

    Great pictures !!! The dragonfly is very beautiful 🙂

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  3. Sarah Ferguson Says:

    Great pics – but that dragonfly is particularly amazing!

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