Red Hot Riplets – Food Review – ALDI

Red Hot Riplets

Red Hot Riplets

Hot, Hot, Hot!

If these were labeled gourmet or craft chips, we’d easily be paying 3 times their current price.  But they’re not.  So get them while they’re hot, hot, hot.

August 4, 2015

If you love heat, these will be almost additive.  Old Vienna of St. Louis, the maker of Red Hot Riplets, is an oddity.  It’s not owned by a world conglomerate.  Therefore it’s not managed to make a product that appeals to the “average” consumer.

The problem may be that these are not available nationally.  I’m not sure about that.  I was surprised to find them at my local ALDI within the past two years.  Or at least that’s when I first noticed them on the shelf.  Prior to that I used to get my hot fix from vending machines.  Hopefully they’ll be available where you shop?

In general I’m not a big fan of ripple cut chips.  The proportion of ripple cut potato to seasoning (even if it’s only salt) seems wrong to me.  These are an exception.  Because of the more than adequate amount of seasoning used for each bag, the extra surface area of the ripple cut is effectively used to capture the seasoning, creating a mouth filling taste.

The best part of the bag is the bottom.  That’s where all the small chip pieces and extra seasoning fall.   After the small chip fragments are slowly consumed (you’ll want the experience to linger), the next thing to do is use the wet finger dipping method to get every last bit of seasoning out of the bag and into your mouth.  As I said at the beginning, if you love heat . . .

Price $1.29 (5 ounce bag)    Calories 140 per ounce (38 grams) about 13 chips
Red Hot Riplets Back Label

Red Hot Riplets
Back Label

Red Hot Riplets

Red Hot Riplets


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2 Responses to “Red Hot Riplets – Food Review – ALDI”

  1. Sarah Ferguson Says:

    Not sure I’ve ever seen those here…then again, that’s probably not something I would seek out, despite my love for junk food.

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  2. David Says:

    You make them sound good but I’m going to pass on these because I’m not a fan of the flavor of Old Vienna potato chips. I thought I was years ago but I bought a bag one or two months ago and just did not like the taste at all, so much so I threw them away.

    Liked by 1 person

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