Tommolo Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC – 2012 – Wine Review – Trader Joe’s

Tommolo Montepulciano  d'Abruzzo


The first taste is sort of tannic, fruity and watery at the same time.  All in all, it’s not a taste that’s impressive.  Neither is it a taste that’s abusive.

The taste it leaves once clear of the throat is much firmer in its demeanor.  That is, the wine sort of makes up its mind what it wants to be and has finally found its groove.  That groove would be a mildly tannic, mildly strong,  mildly rough red wine that would go nicely with some stronger foods, even some with a touch of spicy red pepper.

That first strange taste disappeared completely by day two.  Actually it had disappeared somewhere about halfway down the first glass on day one.

Without the balance provided by food, this is not a wine that most people would want to casually sip by itself.  It has a little too much character.  However, like most things wine, perception tends to mellow as the level in the glass goes down.

To me, even though it’s a DOC wine, it’s what a good table wine should be.  That is, it’s something that’s a little rough around the edges and you don’t feel bad about filling a 16 ounce water tumbler half full of wine and using it to wash down your pasta.  The one balances the other in copious quantities and in the end makes you feel much better than when you started.

Day three finds me sitting here quietly sipping the wine by itself and enjoying it.  Alright, there’s no point in over analyzing something.  Go out and buy some.  It’s only $5.99.

Price $5.99

Tommolo Montepulciano  d'Abruzzo



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  1. Eira Says:

    Hello! Tommoro red is my favorite wine. Unfortunately, Trader Joe’s does not sell it anymore. Could you please give me advise where else I can find this wonderful wine? Thank you

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