ALDI – Parkview Bun Size Franks – Food Review


If you’re not expecting much, you’ve come to the right place.

But back to the food first.  Yes, if your expectations are low, and they should be for 99 cent hot dogs, these bun length hot dogs will be perfect for the 4th of July gathering.  But, what else is a hot dog than a canvas for the common artist (that would be you and I)?  Whether a New York City street dog, an over accessorized Chicago variety, an inappropriately named Coney Dog, or a heavily cornmeal covered and deep-fried Corn Dog, a hot dog is just a place to pile something on.  As a bonus, a bun length hot dog adds about another inch to the place so the something is far less likely to ooze its way out of the ends of the bun, into the hand, down the wrist and finally on your newly purchased Hawaiian shirt.  All those pretty colors and patterns hide the stains really well.  Take a fresh soft warm bun, plop a hot hot dog down the center and go for the gusto with your palette of red ketchup, green relish, endless shades of mustard yellow, countless blended color combos like the now defunct but famous Nedick’s mustard-relish and international shades of Grey Poupon.  When the collection of condiments covers and confines the content and crevices contained by the contours of the cylindrical coffin-like bun, it doesn’t matter what’s buried in the depths of the concoction, it’s all good.

Should, by some chance or force of nature, a piece of the naked hot dog escapes its coverings lodging plain and simply between your cheeks being tossed on your tongue and tantalizing your tonsils, the experience won’t be terrible.  It will taste like a 99 cent hot dog should taste, and most likely better than some you may have had in the past.  The slight salty taste (590 mg of sodium per 190 calorie dog) you may notice is just the manufacturer thinking ahead to those hot summer days and the possible need for you to replace bodily salt lost through evaporation – sweat.  Maybe in the winter it’s for deicing the sidewalk?  According to the label the mystery of the meat is a unique blend of chicken, pork and beef.  And to its credit, the label lists “No artificial flavors, colors, fillers, by-products or MSG.”   All this is nicely packaged with a USDA inspection stamp prominently displayed.  Should a quick summer shower cool down your outdoor cooking too quickly, not to fear, for the label says these dogs are “fully cooked”.  The label also proclaims the absence of gluten and trans fats (or at least there’s zero of them per serving).  All in all, the bona fides sound impressive.

Now for the best part of the review.  There are eight dogs in a package.  That’s one dog for each bun in a package of eight hot dog buns.  No need to figure out the least, or is that most, common denominator to make the buns and dogs match up numerically with no left-overs of one or the other.   Perfection!

Calories 190 serving (170 g)    Price  – 99 cents (8 dogs)


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16 Responses to “ALDI – Parkview Bun Size Franks – Food Review”

  1. g f Says:

    i also tried to heat in the microwave and sparks started flying! Not buying these even for my dog! I do not know whats in them but it’s not good!

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    • steveo Says:

      Thanks for adding your experience. If you’d like to report to USDA and/or ALDI see my previous replies to other comments to this post.


  2. Sandra Woodward Says:

    I recently purchased a package of 24 bun length Parkview hot dogs. There were only 23 hot dogs in this package, not the 24 as advertised.

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  3. topcraig Says:

    My wife and son and I just came back from Aldi with the Bun Length dogs and some buns. I was born in Brooklyn and grew up eating hot dogs more than any human should. We love these dogs. They are bigger than the buns and came out great after boiling then grilling. I put chili and cheese on mine and it tastes just like any chili dog you’d pay three or four bucks for. I’m a big fan now.

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    • steveo Says:

      Thanks for adding your thoughts. Glad you liked them. I’m more of a traditionalist, brown mustard and sauerkraut. 🌭


  4. Says:

    I’m trying to call FDA in reference to these Parkview classic bun length wieners that I bought an Aldis for love your Pennsylvania my address is xxxxxxx my name is Katherine xxxx I’m the one that found the metal object and the hot dogs my phone number is xxxxxxxx I was cutting the hot dogs for my grandson which is 1 years old this Saturday morning February 4th 2017 I’m trying to locate the FDA or who can I call and reference to this product thank you

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    • steveo Says:

      I did some research. Below is a link to the FDA web page which explains how to contact them about various issues. However according to this page the USDA is most likely the agency to call. So here’s the USDA hotline phone number, 1-888-674-6854.

      I also listed an excerpt from the FDA page. And I’ve also included the ALDI customer contact web page below that. I suspect your local store may have a procedure for dealing with this type of problem. You may want to speak with them also.

      By way of explanation, I’m just a customer like you. I’m not connected in any way with ALDI. I hope this information helps you get to the right place.

      “If the problem involves meat or poultry, which are regulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, please call USDA Meat and Poultry Hotline at 1-888-MPHotline (1-888-674-6854).”, per the FDA web page.

      ALDI customer contact.


  5. Don Lankford Says:

    stock these dogs in my microwave one second later it blew up, found pieces of metal in them..


  6. bobby Says:

    I found if I put the toppings on before the dog they tend to stay in the bun. Also all the Aldi stuff I have purchased are very good quality.


  7. Jim the dogman Says:

    Are you Kidding Me theses hotdogs are fantasic you must be brand brats if its not starbucks ( throwup ) coffee then its not coffee it seems you have the same prob with your dogs these dogs are great they sure put ball park and ocar myer to shame yum just bbq one up


    • steveo Says:

      NYC dirty water dogs are my gold standard, Sabrett if possible. Never had one grilled, because that would be breaking a sacred trust. Oscar Meyer never were very good. Ball Parks used to be good, but got a little pricey for a dog. Starbucks? No way.


    • Kayla Says:

      I agree! These are fantastic hotdogs 😀


  8. Bobbie Moyer Says:

    I tried ur hot dogs and we had to throw the rest of the package of them out because they were to greasy I will never buy them again from Aldi’s in Williamsport,Pa. Thank u for ur time Bobbie Moyer


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