Trader Joe’s Stacked Eggplant Parmesan – Food Review


This was my freezer so long, I hope it’s still carried by TJ.

Overall, even after a long winter in the freezer, this is some tasty stuff.  Without a doubt it’s not as good as freshly home-made.  But then it’s a lot easier.

For one, the eggplant is not as crisp as when it’s freshly taken from a fry pan.  Really, can we expect it to be?  However, it still has a very nice slightly peppery eggplant taste and is not mushy like some commercial eggplant can be.

The cheese is first-rate.  There’s a nice strong cheese taste.  I’m not sure where it comes from.  The package says there are four cheeses in the recipe, mozzarella, ricotta, feta, parmesan (in this order).  Since the mozzarella and ricotta are listed first, they should have the highest cheese portions.  But neither of the two are especially strong-tasting cheeses.  The feta and parmesan are stronger tasting cheeses.  But they’re so far down the list, it’s hard to imagine they’re adding all this flavor to the cheese mixture.  Maybe after its long sleep in the freezer, the cheese has picked up some of the eggplant kick.   Well, whatever the food chemistry that’s going on here, it’s very well done.  The cheese stands well on its own, but stands even taller when a bite contains both the cheese and the eggplant.  Excellent combination.

The tomato sauce is nothing to write about.  Given, it may have been diluted a little bit with the frost that formed in the box.  Diluted or not, it certainly doesn’t detract from the over all experience.

With two real servings per box and 230 calories per serving, this makes a nice side dish.  Or eat the whole box as a main course.

I should’ve eaten this before my last visit to Trader Joe’s.  If I had known how good this was, I would’ve stocked up my freezer again.  I hope they haven’t discontinued it.  This is a great find in Trader Joe’s freezer case

Calories 230 serving (170 g)     Price  – $3.49


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One Response to “Trader Joe’s Stacked Eggplant Parmesan – Food Review”

  1. Arnold Frisch Says:

    It looks like you went and changed the recipe, or the supplier, again!
    I’m used to the version that does not have an external cardboard box. It’s flavorful, the sauce has the right consistency, and the eggplant slices are uniform and thin.
    The latest version is flavorless, the sauce is lumpy and gooey, and the slices are not uniform and sloppily done.
    You had a great product here and now it’s on the verge of inedible.

    Please bring back the previous version!


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