ALDI – Fit And Active Nonfat Yogurt – Food Review


How can I say this gently?  It was for a medically required fast in preparation for a …

The morning before the procedure I was allowed a single lone yogurt.  After that it was no solid food until after the procedure the next day.  That single lone yogurt better be good.  The memory of it was the only thing I’d have for the next 28 hours.  To add insult to injury, even the memories were about to be expelled 8 hours later.

How was it?  Let’s stick with the yogurt first.  The yogurt was like, well let me think a minute … well, like yogurt.  For 39 cents it was remarkably like the 49, 59 and 69 cent yogurt that’s sold everywhere else.  For yogurt I draw the line at 69 cents.  So I can’t tell you how it compares to the 79, 89 or 99 cent yogurt.

This particular yogurt was plain old vanilla.  With the artificial and natural sweeteners, plus the vanilla flavor, it had a sweetish vanilla taste.  There’s not much to write about here.  It’s modern store-bought yogurt.  It’s about as good as it can be.

What about the procedure?  It was tolerated well.  The results were good.  The process was painless and forgettable.  Forgettable, thanks to some good stuff a little stronger than the yogurt.

So when your doctor tells you it’s time to get a colonoscopy, you’ll know where to buy the yogurt.

Calories  110       Price  39 cents


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4 Responses to “ALDI – Fit And Active Nonfat Yogurt – Food Review”

  1. Robert hoesly Says:

    Since I am not sure if it contains live cultures I thought I could find out.

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    • steveo Says:

      In general for most yogurts, somewhere on the label there’s usually some wording about live and active cultures. If you don’t see it, try a different yogurt. The nutrition label for this review mentions that information. See the nutrition label picture in the review. Now as things can change, and that was a few years ago, check out the current label in the store. I have no connection with ALDI, so this is just general information. You can ask ALDI directly for the best answer at the URL which follows. They usually respond within a day or two.


  2. mwh1953 Says:

    Love this yogurt.

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  3. Pam K Says:

    Glad it worked for you. I am seriously lactose intolerant and there aren’t enough active cultures in this product for my digestive system.


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