ALDI – Cafe Bistro Cookie & Wafer Mix – Food Review


Cheaper than dirt.

The chocolate covered wafers are my favorite.  And the more I think about them, I’m getting up to get one now.  The nice dark chocolate covering really makes these good.  The plain cookies are my least favorite.  They taste a little different than most of domestic American cookies.  They’re not as sweet.  That’s characteristic of many European cookies.  These are from Germany.  The other chocolate covered cookies fall in between.  As a whole, these aren’t as good as the surprisingly good Chocolate Coated Butter Cookies.   But, these are good enough for their purpose, which is providing a variety of cookies in a single package.

Now, the really good thing about these is the price, $1.69 for almost 18 ounces.  That’s a little less than 10 cents an ounce.  Dirt isn’t even that cheap.  So these cookies are officially, cheaper than dirt.  They also taste much better.  Worms would agree.

Because they’re all thrown in a bag together, they don’t look as good as cookie mixes which come separated into individual compartments.  The crumbs from one, migrate to the others, etc.  However, if you just need a bunch of something to fill a bowl for an office or home party, none of your guests are going to complain that you bought these.  Twenty-five cents says the chocolate covered wafers disappear first.

Calories  150 per ounce (4 assorted cookies)     Price $1.69


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2 Responses to “ALDI – Cafe Bistro Cookie & Wafer Mix – Food Review”

  1. Dannie Says:

    I like them. Also I think american food is in vain too fancy. But yes, cookies are good.. 🙂


  2. stephen parker Says:

    I recently bought a bag of each off them waffer mixesthe green bag was fine but then red was horrible tasted burnt


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