Trader Joe’s Bohemian Lager – Beer Review


Tastes good.  More filling.

You won’t confuse this with an American lager.  TJ’s Bohemian Lager is a medium-heavy filling brew.  While labeled as a lager, it may be more of a pilsner.  Whatever, it’s more European than American.  There’s some bitterness to the brew.  Probably not enough that many people would find it objectionable.  By comparison it’s considerably less bitter than a Heineken, to my taste.  TJ scores the beer with a bitterness rating of 18.  TJ doesn’t list the calories.  But judging by the sense of fullness I had after drinking only one, I suspect they’re considerably higher than most beers.

At 5% alcohol it’s, again, stronger than an American lager.  An American lager generally has between a 3.5% and 4% alcohol content.  Some of the light beers, a little less.  TJ’s Bohemian Lager is made in San Jose, CA.

To complement this beer, queue up a Queen mp3 on your ear buds and have a little Bohemian Rhapsody to go along with your Bohemian Lager.


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