Trader Joe’s asiago cheese – Food Review


This seems like the same great semi-hard nutty tasting cheese TJ used to carry under a brand name.

Trader Joe’s used to carry BelGioioso Asiago Cheese.  One day last year that cheese disappeared and instead was a Trader Joe’s asiago cheese.  There’s no way of telling  whether Trader Joe’s store brand is supplied by BelGioioso.  However, if it’s not, it seems to be equally as good to me.

True Asiago cheese comes from a specific area in the Veneto region of Italy which is defined and protected by the Italian DOP (Denominazione di Origine Protetta).  The Italian cheese protection regulations seem almost as complicated as the Italian wine protection regulations.  That’s probably why cheese and wine are so good together.  But don’t confuse Trader Joe’s asiago with leisurely strolls through Alpine meadows.  TJ’s asiago is a product of the USA.

Most of us will soon get over the fact that we don’t have the real thing once we decide we like the domestic variety and realize we’re not paying the $10 to $12 price per pound the imported variety sells for.  If we still need to dream of Alpine meadows, stream The Sound Of Music over Netflix.  It’s a different country, but grass is grass.  Know what I mean?

Good stuff at a good price.  If you like stronger cheeses like parmesan, you’ll probably like TJ’s own asiago cheese.  It goes good with salami and wine, either alone or in combination.  Actually it’s pretty decent with a TJ Bohemian Lager, which I am currently pairing it with to great satisfaction.

Calories 100 per ounce        Price $5.99 per pound

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One Response to “Trader Joe’s asiago cheese – Food Review”

  1. honesttofoodness Says:

    I love this cheese!


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