Trader Joe’s Dutch Gouda (cow’s milk) – Food Review


More like the Gouda you’re probably used to.

This is a soft smooth very mild tasting Gouda cheese.  It’s origin is Holland.  And while not an officially protected Gouda cheese by name, it does have a good lineage.  There’s a very slight sour taste as the cheese clears the back of the throat.  It’s almost soft enough to be spreadable.  But only almost.  It’s easy to slice.  So make a few slices and see how it tastes on maybe some of TJ’s own Multigrain Crackers.  I did.  It worked out well.

This Gouda comes with a red wax paraffin coating.  That usually means the cheese has been aged between one and six months.  The softness of this cheese also attests to a relatively short aging time.  As Gouda ages longer, the cheese hardens up some and the flavor becomes stronger.  This is a young Gouda cheese.

At $5.49 per pound this is an affordable Gouda cheese.  It’s not smoked or flavored in any other way.  If you like your Gouda with a twist, you’ll have to look for a different package.

Calories 110 per ounce    Price $5.49 per pound

It doesn’t come with the little green hat.

Trader Joe also sells a sheep’s milk Gouda reviewed in another post.  Take a peak there.  The sheep’s milk Gouda is a much stronger tasting cheese and not very soft at all.


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