Stuffed Green Peppers – recipe


Here’s another example of using what you have.  This is a combination of two recent recipes (read that leftovers) and some green peppers that were on sale at an unbelievable price.

At least in this house, people seem to dislike leftovers.  Well, all except pizza.  And to think about it, there’s hardly any leftover pizza ever.  At any rate, to avoid filling landfills with leftovers, just disguise them as something different.

In this case we took some leftover Mexican rice, some Chinese dumpling filling and the green peppers, making them into not-leftovers.

The classic filling for stuffed green peppers is ground beef, onions,  a little tomato sauce or tomato paste and cooked rice.  I was too lazy to open a can of tomato sauce.  And, a full can of tomato sauce was more than I needed.  So I left that ingredient out.  The onions were already in the Mexican rice and dumpling filling.  No need to add more onions.  In fact there was cooked rice in the Mexican rice.  I had that base covered also.  The Chinese dumpling filling had both uncooked ground beef and cooked pork in it.  That covered the meat portion of the ingredients.  The added plus was, both the Mexican rice and dumpling filling were seasoned way beyond what normally goes into a stuffed pepper.  We’ll call that a plus plus.

The only thing we have to worry about is cooking the filling up to about 165 degrees F. so the ground beef is done.  Traditionally, that’s accomplished by cooking in the oven at around 350 degrees F. for about an hour.  Too long to wait.  Let’s try the microwave for about 15 to 20 minutes for two stuffed peppers.  Because microwaves will vary along with the size of the peppers and how tightly the filling is placed in the pepper, take your handy almost-instant read thermometer and make sure the filling is up to 165 degrees F. before calling it done.

Ingredients – for two medium green peppers

Chinese dumpling filling – fresh or leftover in the refrigerator – about enough to fill one pepper

Mexican (Spanish) rice (cooked) – freshly cooked or leftover in the refrigerator – about enough to fill one pepper

2 green peppers – size will vary with the season


Cut the tops off the green peppers.  Carefully scoop or cut out the seeds and white membranes inside the pepper.  Rinse the inside and outside of the peppers.

Mix the dumpling filling and cooked Mexican rice together.

Fill each pepper with the rice and dumpling filling mixture.

Place peppers on a microwave safe plate.  Put about a 1/4 cup of water in the plate.  Cover the peppers with plastic wrap.  Seal the plastic wrap edges around the plate as best you can.  Microwave high for about 15 minutes.  Remove and take the temperature of the middle of the filling.  The center of the filling should reach about 165 degrees F.   Microwave for another few minutes if needed.


If you’re taking a picture, don’t overcook the peppers (I got the filling up to almost 190 degrees  F. on this run).  The skin gets a little ugly and doesn’t look good.   However the taste is just fine.

Pictured here are the peppers before cooking.  Don’t use the picture as a sign they’re ready to eat.  Cook them first according to directions.  Maybe soon I’ll do this again and won’t overcook the peppers.  Then I’ll have a good picture of what they look like cooked.

Peppers stuffed and ready for cooking.

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