Trader Joe’s Madras Lentil – Food Review


This is about the best yet of the TJ Indian Fare.  But …

The one consistent criticism with any of the TJ Indian Fare sampled so far is,  they’re more sauce than lunch.  This one is different.  There are actually discernible lentils and red kidney beans.  And a fair amount of them at that.  Having something to actually chew offers a much more visceral experience and more satisfying meal.

Think of this as a sort of bean soup.  But therein lies a problem.  The dish is lacking many of the flavors we expect to find in Indian food when we send a spoonful into the mouth.  Putting aside expectations, there’s a really nice creamy tomato base to hold the lentils and beans.  There’s a very very mild heat.  Overall, this is something that; tastes good, stores at room temperature, takes up little space, is easy to heat up and makes a nice light lunch at the office (or home).

Although Trader Joe does not classify this product as vegetarian,  the ingredients suggest most people would consider this a vegetarian product.  Read the package and decide for yourself.

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Calories  260/package    Price $1.99


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2 Responses to “Trader Joe’s Madras Lentil – Food Review”

  1. Lori Says:

    I really liked it and thought that it tasted exactly like the chili they put on a chili dog. Not a criticism, but I wish I could duplicate!


  2. kelli Says:

    I enjoy these on car camping trips. Better tasting than most of the canned goods out there.


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