Southern Point Cabernet Sauvignon – Walgreens – Wine Review


This one took the short route to the septic tank.

With no vintage year specified on the label, one might assume the wine in the bottle has had a short aging life.  If true, then that might also lead to the expectation that some of  the better characteristics that aging brings to red wines will be missing.   Missing is an understatement.  While the amount and type of aging will remain a mystery, this wine is some pretty bad stuff.

Perhaps this is just a bad bottle and totally unrepresentative of the brand.  No matter.  With this wine priced in the low $5 range, why test fate again and buy a second bottle?  With so many other proven inexpensive wines in the $5 to $6 range (see Top 10 List here), why take a chance again on this one?  The Charles Shaw $2.99 wines, while somewhat variable from bottle to bottle are without a doubt 2 heads and a real cork above this wine.

According to an unverified (but believable)  internet source, “Southern Point wines are produced for Walgreens by  Franzia Vineyards of Ripon, CA, which is part of The Wine Group, the world’s third-largest wine company, whose assets were formerly owned by Coca-Cola Bottling of New York.”   I guess big doesn’t always mean better.

Price  about $5.29


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8 Responses to “Southern Point Cabernet Sauvignon – Walgreens – Wine Review”

  1. JANE Draughon Says:

    I can’t believe they don’t have it anywhere. Walgreens only has one liquor store left in Ft Lauderdale ( Pompano beach) and they don’t carry it there either. I always went by the Walgreens near me to try and get at least 3 Cabernets. Sometimes I was lucky, but mostly I could only find 2 or less on the shelf. The Blush was not bad either, but stuck with Beringer’s Chenin Blanc for the white. If you don’t have a Shooter Buddy, you must get one.. 15 seconds in an old Coke glass ages ANYTHING ALCOHOLIC 10 years. MyFtirnds are totally amazed.

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    • steveo Says:

      Sorry you’re having such a difficult time finding this. If you’d like to try something a little different ALDI has a Dancing Flame red blend (70% Cab) from Chile for around $7. Better quality than the SP Cab, but a little less punch than a full Cab. Still, a very nice wine for that price.


  2. Sprill Says:

    This is an excellent cab. I love this wine and have come to this page looking specifically for it. It is an excellent cab. I can only imagine those that dont like dont b/c of the price.

    It is full bodied and robust. Most cabs are flat. This is 3 dimensional. Trying to find where I can buy it. When I do find a Walgreens that has it all the cabs are gone or almost gone.

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    • steveo Says:

      Glad you like it. I hope Walgreens finds some more. That’s the only place I’ve seen it.


  3. Yolanda Jackson Says:

    I went to the Keys for just a day of fun and relaxation and walked inside a art gallery to look at something that caught my eye. And to my surprise we bought some things,and the beautiful women that help us offered me some wine and to my surprise gave me a glass of wine called southern point it was very nice. It had a nice nose on it and was very smooth,its true you can find a simple wine that doesn’t cost to much. Because to me wine is not about cost its about taste and I’ve tasted wins that cost well over a hundred or so dollars and I would never buy them again. But to the wealthy its all about cost not taste. so next time just try a cheaper win you never know you meant just like what you find.


  4. Jen Says:

    The Cabernet and the Sweet red were really good for a Walgreens wine. House sitting for a friend where I found a bottle in the fridge, delicious. Then drank two more over the course of the stay room temperature, delicious. The sweet red had a taste of honey, the Cabernet was smooth, no after taste, nice blend. The end surprise of the Cabernet, no headache! Not sure if my friend paid $3.00 or $14.00…..will have to ask. If you see it for $3-5, certainly try it!


  5. Marilyn Spraetz Says:

    Couldn’t remember where we bought the”Sweet Red” it had been in then fridg for two years and was really great, guess it just need to be kept really cold. Glad I was able to find that I can buy it Walgreens.


  6. M Says:

    I just tasted it. To say that it does not taste good does not do this wine justice. It was $14 at Walgreen’s and perhaps that should have warned me. However, there were less expensive wines and I thought they would be worse. I don’t know that worse is a possibility.


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