Trader Joe’s Pav Bhaji – Food Review


Oh Boy!  This one will have you reaching for the nearest glass of cold water.

While not eye-tearing hot, this is certainly nose-running hot.  If you like heat, see how you like this one.  But first, a negative.  There were very little bits of things that crunched while eating.   Either the little bits were in the food (perhaps the cloves
), or one of my fillings decided to melt under the heat.  For now, I’m thinking it was the food.  I hope your experience is better.

TJ’s Pav Bhaji is another one of the Indian marinara sauce dishes.  Ignore the picture on the package, this has the consistency of a thick marinara sauce.  None of the chunky bits in the picture were identifiable during visual inspection or while eating.  It’s still worth a try, but it would be so much nicer if the vegetables were vegetable size and not blended into the sauce.

As noted, the sauce is hot.  That’s good if you like and need a little wake-me-up at lunch time.  Flavor, beyond the hotness, is good.  There’s a different flavor than the other TJ Indian Fare dishes reviewed in other posts here.  Since these are regional dishes, I supposed that’s to be expected.  The flavor is nice, but not what you’ll come here for.  You’ll come here for the heat.

TJ says this is prepared with “No gluten ingredients” and is “Vegetarian”.  This meal comes in a heavy-duty foil and plastic pouch, like the other TJ Indian Fare box dishes reviewed previously.  Just tear the pouch across the top and pour into a microwave safe  bowl.  Heat  for a minute or two in the microwave.  Actually for this one, I had to squeeze the contents out of the bag.  Gravity wasn’t strong enough on its own.  Remember the bag squeezing technique.  It will keep your fingers clean.

Look here for other TJ Indian Fare.

Calories 320/package   Price $2.19


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2 Responses to “Trader Joe’s Pav Bhaji – Food Review”

  1. laila Alive Says:

    I love this! I get it all the time from Trader Joes! Although I have to say, there is absolutely NOTHING spicy about it. (The ingredient list doesn’t even show anything hot, except for a little black pepper. And that is listed last which means it’s the smallest quantity compared to the other ingredients.) It’s funny how different people’s palettes can be! Glad you like it though. TJ’s makes it so easy to taste the many wonderful dishes of the world 🙂


    • steveo Says:

      Glad you like this. I’ll have to try a few more and see how they rate. Perhaps someone slipped in a little extra something in the batch I tried.


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