Trader Joe’s Punjab Eggplant – Food Review


It’s sort of Indian marinara sauce.  But I wouldn’t call it a meal.

Although the 300 calories per package will fill most of your caloric needs for a lunch-time meal, take Trader Joe’s advice and have it with some rice, naan, or tortillas (I guess, why not?).  That extra bit of starch will help fill your stomach as well as caloric needs.  However the extra bit of logistics needed for the other items, takes this out of the really quick and easy category.

The flavor is not bad, but then nothing special either.  Some of the typical flavors found in other Indian food are missing.  While tomatoes are listed as the second ingredient on the package and dominate the color, it does not have a particularly tomato flavor.  The package describes the recipe used as producing a “barbecue flavor”.  Not in my book of barbecue.   There is a fair amount of heat in the product. Strangely, the heat seemed to hit the back of the mouth much more than the front.  So for those of you wanting to start a medium fire, but don’t want to directly suck on a chili, this will fill the bill.

The consistency is, well, like a marinara sauce.  The eggplant are at best cut in very small pieces.  It seems however, since eggplant is the first ingredient listed on the package but difficult to find, that most of the eggplant has been “blended” into the sauce.

Punjab Eggplant comes in an MRE-like pouch.  You’ll need  a microwave safe bowl to empty the contents into so it can be heated in a microwave oven.  Alternately the product can be heated in the sealed pouch in boiling water for 5 minutes.  You then need a bowl to empty the contents into, or a very good slurping method, to eat.

TJ does not identify this product as being vegetarian.  However, there’s nothing listed in the ingredients to make it not.  Read the package and decide for yourself.

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Calories  300/full package      Price $1.99

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