Ruggero di Tasso – Nero d’Avola – 2008 – Wine Review


Not to my taste.  Other people find it goes well with strong foods.

This is another Trader Joe’s $4.99 wine.  I picked this up mostly because it has an IGT designation, which at least for my two Toscana examples, means a cut above an ordinary table wine.  In this case the wine may have been a good example of what the grape can produce, but perhaps it was the taste of the grape I didn’t like very well.  The grape in question is the Nero d”Avola grape.

This wine has a very earthy taste to it.  I equate this at least partly to having a lot of tannins.  However many other people claim the wine has “soft” tannins.  Other reviews thought it a fine example of the grape.  However a few reviews noted the earthy or moldy taste also.  Some claimed liking this type of wine  was an acquired taste.  And that could be true.   For me, the wine has a taste I haven’t acquired yet.

Here’s what the label means.  Archeo is the winery.  Ruggero di Tasso has “wine maker” under it.  I assume this is some kind of brand name to distinguish this wine from other wines the winery may make with the same grape?  The IGT region is Sicilia (Sicily).  Nero d’Avola is the grape variety.

Price: $4.99


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