Alexander & Fitch – Cabernet Sauvignon – 2009 – Wine Review


There is a difference between a $3 bottle of wine and a $7 bottle of wine.  And it’s not just the nice heavy bottle the $7 wine comes in.

I believe this is another Trader Joe’s exclusive.  Although one of the TJ associates thought it was $15 elsewhere.  I bought this on the advice of two TJ employees.   One actually bought two cases, just in case TJ didn’t have another shipment coming.

I’d have to say, they gave me good advice.  This is a nice, mellow Cabernet.  It’s well worth the $7 price, and possibly a little more.  When first opened, the wine has a little astringency to it.  It mellows out some with exposure to air.  Perhaps aging another year would have brought the wine to its peak.  Regardless, it’s a nice wine and a nice price.  If you look hard enough you’ll notice two things about the picture.  One, the bottle is empty.  It’s a good sign that we emptied the bottle before even thinking about taking a picture.  Two, the bottle is a little tippy.  Or maybe that was the camera operator?

Got to go.  Happy New Year.

Price: $6.99


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