Trader Joe’s – Vegetable Pad Thai – Food Review


520 calories and no pig fat.  I hope exercise is part of this diet, because a diet of this Pad Thai is going to require a fair amount of exercise.

Back in October we tried TJ’s round (shape of the bowl) Pad Thai.  Today we’re trying TJ’s rectangle (shape of the bowl – but can a bowl be a rectangle?) Pad Thai.  The box for the rectangle says it’s Vegetable Pad Thai.  The round box says it’s Pad Thai with Tofu.  Whatever the boxes say, the two products seem to have similar ingredients.

Concentrating on today’s Vegetable Pad Thai, the vegetables are few and far between.  The only noticeable vegetables I saw were some  julienned chives and some bean sprouts.  The box ingredients also mention cashews.  If they were present, they were even fewer and further between than the vegetables.  The only possible cashews I saw were such small pieces that I couldn’t positively identify them as cashews.  There were some pieces of tofu that were pretty firm, tasty and chewy.  I liked them.  I wish there had been more.

The rice noodles were not as soggy as their round Pad Thai cousin.  While not exactly al dente, the noodles were better.  Between the firmer noodles, firm tofu, chives and crunchy bean sprouts, this Pad Thai has stepped up and out of the gummable category.

Overall, this Pad Thai has a nice mild heat to it.  The flavor is okay, but certainly not a WOW or even a wow.  It’s nothing that would make most of us crave a second serving.  So, at least we’ll only have to work off 520 calories and not 1040.

Calories: 520     Serving Size: 1 package

Price: $1.99


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3 Responses to “Trader Joe’s – Vegetable Pad Thai – Food Review”

  1. bizzy Says:

    forcing myself to finish it right now….not yummy at all 😦 no real taste, instead too spicy, only four cubes of tofu. im def not going to buy this again.


  2. moniacal Says:

    Thanks for the review! Even though I prefer to cook most of my meals from scratch, I do think that TJ has some of the best frozen and/or premade meals out there right now (which is not necessarily saying much considering the crap in the markets today!). It’s nice to get a heads-up on good products instead of just restaurant or recipe reviews. Cheers!


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