Trader Joe’s Black Bean & Cheese Taquitos – Food Review


Once again.  It was cardboard boxes before.  Now it’s cut off pieces of plastic wrapping.  It’s not a bad picture.  It’s in focus.  I had to work little to get the glare off the plastic wrap label.  I could’ve spent more time getting the light even.  But taking pictures of labels, is that what life should be about?  I guess so.

At any rate, what can we say about Trader’s Taquitos.  Pop 2 of them out of the freezer.  Pop both in the microwave for about 30 seconds (read the package because I forgot the exact time).  Take them out and eat.

The taquitos are a pretty handy snack.  They have a little bite to them, are a little greasy, have way too many calories for what they are (thank the greasy part for most of those calories) and taste pretty good.  They may be store-bought junk food, like frozen pizza rolls, but they’re better and different.



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