Iron Man 2 (2010) – Movie Review


A very good cast and a bunch of catchy dialogue have nowhere to go.  That’s the problem with Iron Man 2.  To top that off, I don’t believe they ever found the “burd”.

About 20 minutes into the movie I started wondering when the movie would start.  I actually thought to myself, I’ll give it more time.  Afterall it’s a two-hour movie.  About half way through the movie I started asking myself when would the movie end.  Unfortunately, that was a long way off.

The one bright spot in the movie were the scenes of Monaco.  For Formula 1 fans, stay awake during this section.  No matter how many races you may have seen televised from Monaco, you’ll be amazed at what parts of the street circuit actually look like.  The movie cameras put a totally different perspective on how narrow and twisty the streets actually are and how close everything is to each other.  It must be something else to be there during the race.  I wonder who was the race fan who actually convinced them to shoot in Monaco.  I know there’s a story there. 

For now, try bringing an inflatable pillow to sit on when you see Iron Man 2, because it gets a rating of 3 numb butts.


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