She’s Out Of My League (2010) – Movie Review


Yes she is, which is why this under 20 targeted movie is surprisingly entertaining.  The slightly dysfunctional characters combined with this variation of a “fish out of water” movie, has a surprising amount of laughs packed into it as long as you are in your teens or can still remember when you were in your teens.  If neither of these is true, or you believe you were never like this while you were growing up, stay home. 

My addiction to movies is purely based on popcorn.  The movies are a place to eat real popcorn, the kind cooked in used axle grease, with enough salt to make the oceans jealous, and covered with that hot buttery looking stuff that allows the concession attendants to skate across the floor.  As a bonus, maybe every one out of 10 movies has some above average entertainment value to go along with the popcorn.  And average when it comes to movie entertainment value, compared to batting average, would put most major league players back in the minors.

One of the things I’ve noticed after the popcorn is gone is that teenagers don’t routinely go to the movies.  I guess there are other places to hang out now and certainly better places to kill some time (I should know that by now).  However there are a few movies, like this, where word of mouth, or maybe tweet of text (or should that be text of tweet?) fills up the place with the glow of electronic device wielding teens.  Most of those movies seem to be ones like this.  These are movies which don’t get very good reviews, but are good for a few laughs especially if  a little bit of stupidity and crudeness don’t bother you.  So if  you’re looking for a movie worth more than the price of the popcorn, follow the teens.

Overall, 1.9 numb butts.  Not memorable, but some funny entertainment to go along with the popcorn.


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