ALDI – Sea Queen Crab Cakes – Food Review


ALDI, Sea Queen, Crab Cakes, price, review, calories, nutritionALDI, Sea Queen, Crab Cakes, price, review, calories, nutritionMarch 16, 2017

My expectations weren’t high and they were met. These are crabby and mushy.  That description is not uncommon when it comes to crab cakes. A really good crab cake consists of chunks of crab meat with a little bit of mayonnaise based filler to bind everything together and maybe a thin layer of breading to give it some crunch when it’s pan fried. Outside of one or two restaurants I’ve been to a long time ago, it’s hard to find anything like that. Most crab cakes in stores, and even restaurants, tend to be like this, with indistinguishable pieces of crab mixed with breading to form a crab mush which is then fried, or in this case baked at home. There was a good bit of crab flavor which was satisfying for those looking for a crab fix. But overall, like Diogenes, I’ll continue to look for the honest crab cake.  Calories  170 per crab cake   Price $5.49 – package of 4 cakes, plus cocktail sauce


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8 Responses to “ALDI – Sea Queen Crab Cakes – Food Review”

  1. Anne Triplett Says:

    Utterly Disgusting ! Threw Them In The Garbage ! MUSHY , TERRIBLE ! Will Not Buy Again !

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  2. Dagmar Vonbernewitz Says:

    I agree 100% . If I knew I was going to buy crab flavored breadcrumbs for 6.99, I would’ve never picked them up. Disappointing .

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  3. anonymous Says:

    I bought Sea Queen crab cakes, in a black box in the freezer section of Aldi’s. There were 2 in a box, and two types, black box, no cocktail sauce. They were excellent. Must be different from what you had.

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    • steveo Says:

      I agree, it sounds like yours were different. I’ll look for them on my next trip. Thanks.


  4. Patricia Dilernia Says:

    By far these are the worst things I’ve ever ate in my life you should not sell these anymore they taste like shit they have no crab in them they’re too soft and they taste like shit again like I said it was a waste of money I wish I could get my money back but hey will never buy these again

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