WPC – Osprey Road Taken – Photography

osprey, south dakota, cloudsA quick hidden turn off a winding hilly two-lane road somewhere in the Black Hills of South Dakota led to a small lake with an Osprey floating in silhouette above it looking for a fish dinner.
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6 Responses to “WPC – Osprey Road Taken – Photography”

  1. quarksire Says:

    those guys (the osprey) fly bout the same speed as i do when i fly my hanglider trike, is totally awesome flying with all the big birds…the osprey, geese, pelicans, big ravens, hawks, eagles, an buzzards all like to fly with me an show me they are better pilots..yes birds have personalities 2 – kewl shot ..i love bird photoz! indeeD! Q

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    • steveo Says:

      This guy was about to power dive down to the lake to catch that fish. Very kewl to watch that. I agree, birds have personalities. I don’t fly with them, but I do talk to the hummingbirds that visit my feeder. 🙂

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      • quarksire Says:

        yeasssssssssss 🙂 i am lewking forward to my friends frum the south to visit me this year ..the hummerz i love taking photos of them an fedding them also…i don’t have cats cuza all the wild birds round here…love my birds also..thanks for ur reply! keep on keepin on..saw a hawk once do that also catch a fish was awesome 🙂 sight to see right in front of me once upon a time 🙂 indeeD!

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  3. Mabel Kwong Says:

    Lovely shot. Hope it wasn’t too hard driving along that winding road. Judging from this shot, it must have been quite the scenic drive and hope it was enjoyable 🙂

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