Specially Selected Colombian Popayan Ground Coffee – Food Review – ALDI


ALDI, Colombian coffee, ground, specially selected, Popayan11/12/2016

Can single origin, 2 ounces less, 30 cents more, and a map of South America make a better cup of coffee?  In short, yes if you follow directions.

There’s not much aroma coming from the bag when first opened.  There’s not much aroma coming from the cup when brewed.  There’s not a horrible taste coming from the cup, but not much of a coffee taste either.  There’s a strange earthy/woody taste on first sip ending in a slightly bitter taste on the tongue and a little bit of acid feel in the stomach.  It’s not the best cup of coffee on the planet, but it’s entirely drinkable especially when taken with food.  Based on memory, compared to the other ALDI coffees reviewed here this is a better cup of coffee.  Price: $4.29

About directions:  I used too much coffee brewing my initial cups.  When I cut the amount down to just a little more than what’s recommended on the bag, the coffee was much better as reviewed above.


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