Kinroo Blue – Belgian White Ale – ALDI – Food Review


KinrooBlueAle-ALDIThis is an ALDI “Beer Of The Month”.  I’m not sure what month, probably July or August.  But will it be on the shelves next month?  I hope so because it’s easily worth the price.

August 8, 2016

The label, and read it quickly before you get too far into the bottle, says this is a spiced beer with hints of citrus, etc.  Those hints were only discernible on the first sip (there must be a better word than sip for a beer?).  Where they went on subsequent sips will remain a mystery.

After the hints have left the bottle what remains is a nice European-style beer.  There’s the expected bitterness, but less than most European beers I’ve tried. This is a nice transitionary beer (even if it is an ale) for those interested in moving away from traditional American lagers.  It’s also a way to transition to some local craft beers, as they too have stepped up their flavor profile.

A word about the alcohol level in this beer.  Wow!  Perhaps there was an error in converting metric percentages to American percentages (and I know a percent is a percent without conversion), but the indicated 5% alcohol level seems way too low for the effect.  So go slow and watch yourself around high places, sharp objects, cars and dogs that bite (get yourself a designated driver, a designated walker or a designated petter) when having one of these.

Price  $6.49 – 6 pack




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