Trader Joe’s – Arugula Pizza – Food Review


trader joe, pizza, frozen, arugulatrader joe, pizza, frozen, arugula

May 15, 2016

The crust was crusty.  The cheese was cheesy.  The tomatoes were tomato(y).  The sauce was mild and slightly sweet.  The cheese could’ve been more plentiful.  The arugula was not noticeable.  The center was less done than the crust.  The crust was a nice toasty bread.  The pizza was from Italy no less.  While this is an okay frozen pizza, there’s not much to distinguish it from other quality frozen pizzas.

Price $3.99      Calories 330 per slice (1/3 of pie)


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4 Responses to “Trader Joe’s – Arugula Pizza – Food Review”

  1. Asmira Says:

    I love this pizza tastes amazing . It’s always sold out in trader joes located by me .

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  2. janjoy52 Says:

    Hmmm. Let’s go Little Cesars. Not bad for your money. But that’s just my plebian frugal taste talking. “)

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