ALDI – Simply Nature Organic Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats – Food Review


ALDI-OrganicSteelCutOats-4635Half between steel cut and rolled oaks, these oats have a chewy texture surrounded by a very thick creamy ‘soup’ .   It’s sort of a best of both worlds approach.  The package also carries the USDA Organic seal.

May 1, 2016

For me, these oats have a great texture for an oatmeal.   There’s none of the mushy feeling of traditional rolled oats and fewer of the steel cut nuggets that sometimes tend to stick between teeth.  Although not tasted side by side, these oats even seem to taste better.   Tasting was done with a packet of pink sweetener mixed in which offsets the normal bland taste of oats.  No oats are eaten straight as they come out of the pot.

The cooking time for these oats is about 7 minutes.  Here’s a quick word about the differences between oats and how these differences affect cooking time.  It’s all about the ease (quickness) of cooking the oats.  Cooking oats is merely a way to add water to the oats to soften them.  Rolled oats are oats which have been flatten by passing them through a set of rollers – picture an asphalt steam roller or more pleasantly a pasta maker.  The flattening gives the oats more surface area to absorb water.   The larger the surface area the faster the water can be absorbed by the oats and the shorter the cooking time.  Steel cut oats are not processed through rollers.  Instead, the raw oat is cut into roughly 4 smaller pieces by steel knives.  The small oat pieces have less surface area to absorb water requiring more cooking time to soften them.  Looking at the uncooked oats in this product, the steel cut oats have been flattened (probably with rollers), but not as much as traditional rolled oats.  Not surprisingly, since the surface area of the oat is between the other two oat types, the cooking time to soften them is also somewhere in the middle.

About the price: I lost the receipt again.  When I recently went to the store there were none on the shelf.  So, there is no price for this.  I suspect these will reappear someday at ALDI based on ALDI’s inscrutable marketing strategy.  If and when they do, you’ll know better whether you want to put them in your cart.   I suspect very similar oaks are also available at other outlets and will produce similar results, e.g.,  here.

Price  ???           Calories  150 per 1/4 cup (40 g) uncooked          Soluble fiber 2 g



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