Trader Joe’s Aloo Chaat – Kati Pouches – Food Review

Aloo Chaat Trader Joe's

Aloo Chaat
Trader Joe’s

Think of these as hot, hot pockets – but with a twist.  The first hot meaning spicy.  The second hot meaning, well, hot – as in more than warm.

January 26, 2016

Including in the box are two crisping sleeves which do a very good job of keeping the crust nice and crispy while cooking in the microwave.   While the crust is crispy, the filling inside is heated thoroughly.  Unlike some filled microwave pastry products, this filling is relatively solid.  There’s no lava like filling that will squish out of the crust and burn your fingers, or whatever it touches.  The filling generally stays within the crust as you work your way from top to bottom.  You’ll still need to be careful you don’t bite off a chunk of crust and filling that’s hotter than your mouth can handle.

The crispy flaky crust with a slight sweetness to it, contrasts nicely with the softer textured moderately spicy filling.  Along with the spicy heat are the other flavors that make Indian cuisine so interesting.  It’s good to have a glass of water nearby as the heat tends to build on itself as you consume the product.

Aloo Chaat is an Indian street food usually made from potatoes.  Aloo means potatoes.  Chaat relates to taste.  So a very rough translation might be tasty potatoes.  The Trader Joe version successfully adds some chickpeas to the potato base.  A Kati roll (pouch) loosely refers to some sort of dough based wrapper, usually an Indian flat bread, used to hold a filling.  Here the roll takes the shape of a filled and sealed rectangle.

Calories 320 per pouch (2 pouches per box)           Price $2.29
Aloo Chaat Trader Joe's back label

Aloo Chaat – Trader Joe’s – back label


Aloo Chaat Trader Joe's

Aloo Chaat – Trader Joe’s


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  1. SueT唐 梦 琇 Says:

    These look great. Am looking if I can buy then here in Australia.

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